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H.E. Michel Pharaon, Former Lebanese State Minister for Planning Affairs

Michel Pierre Pharaon born in Beirut in June 1959, to a family belonging to the Melkite Greek Catholic and have a long history in public affairs.


He is the son of Pierre Pharaon, businessman and politician in Lebanon. His great uncle is Henry Pharaon, a prominent statesman and one of the "fathers" of the Lebanese independence. His maternal grandfather is Honein Sehnaoui , was deputy and minister in Syria.


He continued his university studies in Economics and Management at Saint Joseph University and then obtained his Masters at Dauphine University in Paris in 1981.


Married to Mona Tannous In 1983 and have three children: Laura, Paola and Pierre.

His main hobbies are horse breeding, snow skiing, water skiing and swimming.


Professional life:


He began at an early age his professional career and recognized the responsibilities of the companies owned by the family, he was named president in 27 years of the Lebanese Insurance Group Libano – Suisse and still hold the position until today.


Michel Pharaon became famous, over the years as a successful businessman, for developing his business in Lebanon and in the Arab world and in West Africa and sub-Saharan. And he chairs the boards of a number of groups , including the insurance company , " Colina " in West Africa, and " Batim Africa " specialized in the construction and real estate marketing , in addition to the group of " Pharaon Holding " that operate in different fields most notably the trade of household electrical appliances and distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical devices , media, agriculture ... is a Board member of the of the Lebanese television network management " LBC " and " MedNet " - that provide different services in the field of health - and the magazine " Le Commerce du Levant " and newspaper " L'Orient -Le Jour " and he is honorary President of the Lebanese Chess Federation.


National track:


Michel Pharaon entered the political arena in 1996 ran for the parliamentary elections, a candidate for the Catholic seat in Beirut and win allied with Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, maintained and  developed this alliance until the death of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. And then continued alliance with MP Saad Hariri and the "Future Movement ", while retaining his independent location.  And he repeated his victory four years later when he won the largest number of votes in the district of Beirut . Then in May 2005, he won by acclamation.


Since his first steps in public work, he supported development and infrastructure projects in the capital, and engaged significantly in the field of social work, either personally or through his office, which includes a selection of assistants who have extensive experience in this domain and maintain their communication with the citizens on the clock. He is, also , an active member of the civil society and advocate for environmental issues.


In December 2016 Michel Pharaon was appointed as state Minister for planning affairs in the government of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, in 2014 he was appointed as Minister of Tourism in the government of Prime Minister Tammam Salam. He was appointed twice as Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, from October 2000 to April of 2003 in the government of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, then from July 2005 to June 2008 in the government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. He has been able, in his two terms, to organize the relationship between the Parliament and the Cabinet by funding and follow-up to the introduction of mechanization of this ministry and in the follow-up proposals and draft laws and parliamentary committees.


Michel Pharaon is one of the most prominent figures who participated in the "Cedar Revolution" that led to the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon, and has had prominent positions at this level. And participated in the March 14 program in various demonstrations since February 14, 2005 through March 14, 2005 demonstration the largest in the history of Lebanon, where he gave a historic speech to the crowd of two million.


Pharaon's active participation in various conferences and sessions of dialogue among Lebanese leaders in the House of Representatives and then in the "Saint-Cloud" conference in July 2007, as in the Doha conference in May 2008.


Michel Pharaon promote an active role on the Christian level and at the level Beiruti in general and within the range of the Melkite Catholics, especially during his tenure as deputy head of the Supreme Council of the sect .