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Who We Are

The Melkite (Greek) Catholic Church is an Eastern Catholic Church in full communion with the Holy See as part of the worldwide Catholic Church. The Melkites, Byzantine Rite Catholics of mixed Eastern Mediterranean (Levantine) and Greek origin, trace their history to the early Christians of Antioch, formerly part of Syria and now in Turkey, of the 1st century AD, where Christianity was introduced by Saint Peter.

In 1724 the church split in two. The Antiochean Orthodox and the Melkite Greek Catholics loyal to Rome. The Melkite Catholic Church’s origins lie in the Middle East, centered especially in Syria and Lebanon, headed by Patriarch Gregory III Laham.

The turn of the twentieth century, following the 1860 massacres of Damascus and the famine that accompanied World War I, witnessed heavy migration of the Melkite Greek Catholics who resided in the Middle East and seeked security and better living standards throughout the world. They were recognized for their achievements in different domains and fields, and earned the respect of the communities that embraced them.

The imprints of Melkite Greek Catholics are today foreseen and acknowledged in the Middle East and the countries in which they lived and contributed to projects in cultural, educational, economic and social development.

The purpose of a World Council for Melkite Greek Catholics is to reconnect all the Greek Catholics in the Middle East with those who have been living away from their homeland, disconnected from their roots and are seeking to trace back their origins.

By becoming a member you will be periodically updated on our community social and religious life and its successes stories. Furthermore you will have the opportunity to participate in our community activities and events.

Creating this data base will serve as a first milestone for a World Melkite Greek Catholic Lobby where we can have the opportunity to know and support each other sharing our religious and social principals.

We rely on your support to make our mission a success. By sharing knowledge and organizing activities we will strengthen the bonds between Greek Catholics new generations, reach out to one another to improve the living standards of our community.