30 October 2017

De Retours a Alep, H.E. Archbishop Jean-Clément Jeanbart

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16 July 2017

Back to Aleppo, H.E. Archbishop Jean-Clément Jeanbart

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17 November 2017

برنامج زيارة البطريرك عبسي الى زحلة

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12 November 2017

درويش عرض للاوضاع الكشفية مع قادة جمعية الكشاف اللبناني

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9 November 2017

Mgr Jeanbart, archevêque Grec-Melkite Catholique d’Alep, travaille à préserver la présence chrétienne en Syrie. Il adresse aujourd'hui un message inquiet à la France. «Votre laïcité est malade»

Depuis Alep, Mgr Jeanbart est extrêmement choqué par la décision du Conseil d’Etat, signe pour lui d’une laïcité agressive et destructrice.…[read more]
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14 April 2017

سبت النور، سيادة المطران كيرلس سليم بسترس – النهار

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8 April 2017

"مباركٌ الآتي باسم الربّ"، سيادة المطران كيرلس سليم بسترس – النهار

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We are proud to present to you the Elite of our Melkites Greek Catholics whose contributions and achievements in social development, arts and sciences, in Lebanon and around the world portrayed a positive image of our community. We would like our fellow Melkites Greek Catholics around the world to assist in completing this recognitive list, please do not hesitate to contact us if you know prominent figures that we did not mention and accept our apology in advance.

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According to the statistics prepared annually by the Vatican, the following graph shows the geographical distribution (by continent) of the Melkite Greek Catholics from the Levant to the Diaspora in 2016 (Annuario Pontificio).